The Breath-taking Strokkur Geyser

From hunting the Aurora Borealis to exploring the natural sceneries of Golden Circle, Iceland is a wonderful tourist destination. This is one of those tourist destinations that offers something to everyone. It is safe to say that a trip to Iceland would be fun filled and adventurous because the beauty of this country is unparalleled.

Most of the people these days want to get out of the hustle bustle of the cities and want to visit a place which is full of serenity and tranquility. All of Iceland is actually about tranquility; the geographical location and low population density makes it a very unique and one of a kind place in the whole world.

In simple words, you could enjoy great beauty without getting overwhelmed by huge crowds of people. The focus of this article is to persuade you to visit Golden Circle once you get here.

Once you decide to visit Golden Circle, you should know that there are different spots on this trail. For example, you would come to ThingVellir National Park first which is a great heritage location and has a history behind.

The second stop on the Golden Circle trail is of Strokkur Geyser. On this spot, you would get an opportunity to experience the geysers of this country which are famous all around the globe. The erupting geyser is simply breath-taking; you would notice water erupting up to 10 meters in the air and being sprayed all around. Once you get to this spot, you would also notice the acrid and bitter smell of sulphur in the air.

If this wasn’t enough, the hot pools of bubbling make you appreciate the fact that the nature is all powerful and still holds sway over our activities. Both Strokkur Geyser and Great Geyser have been around for hundreds of years and they are still in their original form.

The next stop on the Golden Circle Iceland trail is the Gullfoss Waterfall. You might have concluded that there is nothing equally beautiful as Aurora Borealis; well, you would find yourself changing this opinion after visiting this waterfall. It is worth mentioning that this waterfall is the final stop on the Golden Circle trail and would end your tour on a very high note as it has its own grandeur. The water falling from a height and rushing into the cavern is just an awe-inspiring site.

To conclude, a trip to this place would definitely be worth your money. Normally, when you travel to a country for tourism, you visit a place in the day and rest at night. But not in this place. The nights are as exciting as days and you have plenty of activities to do. So, it is imperative that you are fully rested before coming to this island or otherwise you will be missing a lot of things.

Aurora Borealis and Golden Circle are two activities or tours that you definitely don’t want to miss. So, hire a tour guide and make other arrangements today for this exciting adventure.