A Special Day At Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland is an iconic landmark, and definitely one of its highest visited places. It’s a geothermal spa located relatively close to the airport.Some people love it, others say it’s an over-hyped tourist trap. We say this–there is a case to be made for the Eiffel Tower being an over-hyped tourist trap but that doesn’t mean you go to Paris and don’t visit it, right?
Besides, when the air around you is minus five degrees centigrade but you’re in a beautiful outdoor pool in your bathing suit, there’s something to be said for the experience. Here are our tips for ensuring that your trip to Blue Lagoon Iceland is the most memorable highlight of your vacation.
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Book Ahead

 Well this is less a tip from us and more a requirement by the management at Blue Lagoon. The base price is 50 euros per person, but if you book ahead, it comes down to 45 euros.
If you don’t book ahead by chance, and reach there as a spur of the moment thing, then you will be allotted time slots, for example 9 am or 1 pm or something like that. You can pay and enter the premise only in your slot. But once inside, you can stay for however long you want. The Blue Lagoon Iceland gets droves of tourists everyday, so they have to do this to avoid long queues at the cashier.
However, even though it gets so crowded, the pool is large enough that you don’t feel it. Plus, the water always looks clean and blue.

Bring Your Own Supplies

 If you’re on a budget, and especially given to running mental currency conversion calculations before every transaction, then you will be well advised to bring your own towel, an extra set of clothes, some flip flops and some sandwiches with you. The base price does not even cover a towel and you have to pay extra for it. The only thing you get for free is a silica mud mask to put o your face. Oh well…
Blue Lagoon Iceland - Relax

Blue Lagoon Iceland – Relax

Book The Luxury Package If You Can Afford It

 If you can’t be bothered carting your own supplies, the luxury package is well worth the expense for many more reasons than that. For one, the changing rooms and toilets are communal, and not particularly clean. Your towel will get stolen no matter how much you hide it in nooks and crannies. The luxury package takes care of all that. You get free towel, flip flops, a complimentary beverage and a private lounge with clean bathrooms. Need we say more?

Not Showering Is Not An Option

 Icelandic etiquette requires you to strip down completely and shower before getting into a communal pool and that’s the case at Blue lagoon Iceland as well. They provide conditioners in the cubicle to put on your hair, you should definitely use it. It will protect your hair from damage from the sea water in the pool.

Food & Drinks

 The pool is surrounded by swim up bars all around, where you can get your wristband scanned for a drink and pay for it later as you’re leaving. You can get alcoholic beverages there but the smoothies come highly recommended. The on site fancy restaurant is called Lava, and a three course pre-planned menu there costs around sixty dollars per person. But the food is good.

Best Time To Visit The Blue Lagoon Iceland

 This is a treat to visit all year round. The surrounding scenery can be especially eerie in the winters as you enjoy looking at the snow through the thick warm mists emerging from the pool.
The best time during your trip would be just before or after your arrival in Iceland. This is especially true if you’re doing a tour like the Golden Circle Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is actually quite close to the airport so you will save on transport to get there. Just make sure your flight times are at appropriate hours.
That’s an exhaustive round up of all the tips you could possibly need to enjoy your time at the Blue Lagoon. Happy bathing!