You can take a crack at the world's best 'Dota 2' AI from April 19-22

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  MANILA, Philippines – Last week, artificial intelligence (AI) had a big moment as an AI called OpenAI Five bested the all-human Dota 2 champion squad OG in a best-of-three contest.

  The match is posted above.

  Now, this weekend, any Dota 2 player can get a taste of what it feels like to go against the best Dota 2 AI – said to have playing experience equivalent to 45,000 years – in the world right now.

  From Friday, April 19, 9 am to Monday, April 22, 9 am, Philippine time, Dota 2 players can sign up by going to OpenAI’s Arena platform here. Click on “Register to Play.” If you haven’t logged on to Steam yet, 必发88 you’ll be redirected to the Steam log-in page first.

  In there, you simply have to fill out the registration form, choose how you plan to play with the AI (competitive 5v5, coop with friends, or coop with AI), then click “Register” and wait for the notification for Arena to go live.

  OpenAI says they’re opening up the AI system to the public essentially to continue to test its strength.

  “From April 18th–21st, we’re scaling up OpenAI Five to play the Internet, whether as a competitor or teammate. This final test will let us answer an important research question – to what extent OpenAI Five is exploitable or can otherwise be reliably beaten – and be potentially the largest-ever deployment of a highly-competent deep reinforcement learning agent that people can knowingly interact with,” said the company in a blog 必发88官网 post.

  Think you’re human enough to beat this tough AI squad? Sign up now. –

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